We specialize in senior living interiors to fill the need for interesting and fresh housing options for seniors across the country.

For the past 25 years we have worked with our clients to provide senior living communities that are reflective of the architectural styles and design preferences found in each region, community or neighborhood. While each community incorporates solid senior living design principles, each community is unique. Every BBA community is filled with local flavor - art, historical artifacts, photography and hand crafted art objects that are made by local and regional artisans.

The BBA team strives for harmony, unity and balance with each design solution. Harmony is achieved when all the parts of the community relate to and complement each other. Unity gives a sense of oneness to the community. Balance places all parts of a space in a pleasing arrangement.

Each community begins with a dream by a few residents, community leaders or a local organization. The BBA team can help you make these dreams a reality with inspired solutions, dedication and attention to detail.
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